Tj Begin Plotting, Reveal Title of Upcoming 2017 Sophomore Album

[Lead singer and diva] Rockford the Raymond a.k.a. Young Blue Eyes has announced the end of the Cañon City exile in order to throw himself  wholeheartedly into the new LP “Wagner 1: For I Loved the Moon“. Additional info to come following the “Daddyissues EP, which is scheduled for release in spring 2015.
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When a tree falls in a Swiss forest…

At last! Tj Toðdler’s debut studio LP The Young Men Smile is officially out today, though before you ask where it can be found, the title has already been deleted from Husqvarna’s catalog due to a perceived lack of interest. The title was available for purchase on major music retailer iTunes for a brief period earlier today but has since been removed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For now, the standard 8 track release can still be streamed via Soundcloud below.

Toðdler 2.0

Photo on 12-7-14 at 7.14 PM tonal

With their début LP The Young Men Smile awaiting release in January, the ever-prolific TJ TODDLER (now a trio consisting of Rockford Raymond, Leatherface J-R and Sckott Schelel) have already completed work on the follow-up, a 5-song EP entitled Daddyissues. Details of the release are scarce at this time. The group looks forward to comemorating the release of their long awaited full-length with live shows in 2015, after a year-long absence from the stage in which they focused instead on composition.

Hot New Single: “W-O-M-P-R-A-7-7″ B/W “Husqvarna”



TJ Toddler – 2 Track Promotional Single

1. “W-O-M-P-R-A-7-7″ (single edit)
2. “Husqvarna” (non-album track)

Both songs taken from the sessions for the upcoming studio album The Young Men Smile, awaiting release in January 2015.

Clocking in at over seven minutes, single track “W-O-M-P-R-A-7-7″ is a hypnotic slab of post-dubstep funk built on heavy repetition, oscillating guitar loops and militaristic drum patterns, while b-side “Husqvarna” (named for the group’s vanity label) finds it’s formation in 2-step/UK garage and musique concrète, painted with shades of field recordings and heavily distorted samples over a minimalist dance beat.

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TJ TODDLER named Denver, Colo. “7th Most Underrated Band”

In case you missed it, TJ TODDLER recently received high praise in Denver’s art/music/culture magazine, WESTWORD. Here is what they had to say:

This group of weirdos doesn’t play many shows. Their music is so far off mainstream it would be difficult to recommend to anyone that isn’t into the stranger end of This Heat, Captain Beefheart, Henry Cow, the Fugs and the Residents. Part performance art, part avant-garde, TJ Toddler is probably the most gloriously strange band in Denver.

Weirdos? Who do they think we are? While we vastly appreciate the thoughtful intentions of these words, let it be known that TJ TODDLER has nothing to do with “performance art”. Read the rest of the ‘Backbeat’ feature here and take the chance to stream the excellent ECHO BEDS and TOLLUND MEN while you are at it.

Hot New Single: “P11ULERN” B/W “Our Kelley/Herr Diaspora”


TJ Toddler – 2 Track Promotional Single

1. “P11ULERN”
2. “Our Kelly/Herr Diaspora” (non-album track)

Both songs taken from the sessions for the upcoming studio album The Young Men Smile, awaiting release in January 2015.

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Press Release for The Young Men Smile, the debut album of Tj Toðdler


CANON CITY, Color., Aug. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Pop favorites TJ TODDLER will have a new album out in late January, read their one-sheet for it here at their official fan site, hot off the press.

To receive the album in digital format for a low, one-time payment of $5 (with an option to preorder on CD, Cassette or 24 Bit files for an additional $5 ppd), send an email to with your name and date of birth and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.

NOTE: This is a pre-order. You will receive your download in choice of MP3 or FLAC or 24 bit immediately. Your physical item will ship near the release date of January 27th, 2015.