Toward thee Infinite child Beating

FLORENCE, Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/

The ever-prolific TJ TODDLER and their partners at BLAKOUT MEDIA are pleased to announce the release of the legendary industrial pop act’s third live LP, their first in two years, produced at the label’s in-house recording studio. Simply titled ‘Live in Studio’, this band practice improvised session expounds upon loose themes intended for use in the writing of the sophomore studio album, ‘Wagner 1: For I Once Loved the Moon’, due to be released in 2017.


Allegedly their most accomplished work yet, ‘Live in Studio’ is TJ TODDLER’s first release under their own name since 2015’s ‘Daddyissues’ EP, which saw limited distribution on CD3 for Record Store Day. More recently the Denver-based noisemakers have been releasing a series of singles under the name of their alter-ego Echo Beds, which has been subject to controversy and fabricated claims of trademark violation.

The 40-minute, 3 track ‘Live in Studio’ LP is set for release on December 11, at precisely 23:00hrs PST to coincide with Echo Beds’ opening slot for Psychic TV at Summit Music Hall. Due to unforeseen circumstances, TJ TODDLER is unavailable to present their newest work in the flesh, and have opted for a threatening videotape in lieu of a concert appearance.


TJ TODDLER will take a third year off of touring in 2016 as they continue to work diligently on completing their magnum opus ‘Wagner 1’ on schedule. Any potential live performances during this time will be promoted under a different banner, and unannounced through official channels. Echo Beds tour dates are posted below.


Tj Toðdler. Live in Studio.

Track listing:

  1. Live in Studio 1 (11:54)
  2. Live in Studio 3 (10:04)
  3. Live in Studio 2 (19:07)


Cover art:









Social Media:

@tjtoddler @hardforchildren @echobeds


Tour Dates:

3/1 – Albuquerque, NM
3/2 – Tempe, AZ
3/3 – Riverside, CA
3/4 – Los Angeles, CA 
3/5 – Las Vegas, NV
3/6 – Reno, NV
3/7 – Oakland, CA
3/8 – San Francisco, CA
3/9 – Salinas, CA
3/10 – Eugene, OR
3/11 – Portland, OR
3/12 – Seattle, WA
3/13 – Spokane, WA
3/14 – Boise, ID
3/15 – Salt Lake City, UT
3/16 – Bismark, ND
3/17 – Fargo, ND
3/18 – Minneapolis, MN
3/19 – Minneapolis, MN
3/20 – Sioux Falls, SD
3/21 – Lincoln, NE


Cruel summer, rankled winters

Hello to all TJ Toddler/Echo Beds fans,

For those who are not yet aware, some months ago we made a page on the .com website known as Facebook. This is not something we wanted to do, but rather felt was necessary to arrange for gigs. Email was proving to be more useless for this task, and we thought it might help for the group to have a more public-friendly face than The Times here. For a while, we tried to use this Facebook page to network with other goths and secure a spot on one of their shows.

whoring myself out

whoring my soul for rocknroll.

Not only were we routinely ignored, but on more occasions that can be counted both hands, we were grazed over in favor of the more popular and social media aware trash-can-bangers Echo Beds. It became a bit of a joke with our fans that we would “play a show [for them] as soon as Echo Beds break up”.

this is what a real artist looks like

this is what a real artist looks like

It became evident that our formerly professional approach of building rapport and asking nicely would not get us to the top. Such as while attempting to open for Psychic TV, the band that ruined my life worse than crack and convinced me that I was a musician and to start TJ Toddler. I wrote a kind, personal letter to the promoter of their show, an alleged member of Thee Temple ov Psychic Youth (Genesis and Paula P-Orridge’s summer camp for adolescent boys) within hours of the show’s announcement. We understand the concept of “first come, first serve” well and thought that for once, we had finally beaten Echo Beds to the table and would get to eat supper.

A few days later it was announced that Acidbat [sic] would be the support for the date. They were a worthy pick considering Breyer P-Orridge’s background in acid/trance music. We were relieved just to know that Echo Beds would not be monopolizing yet another industrial/avant-garde/power electronics show. Then, after a couple ov weeks gone by, you-know-who were announced as a second opening act for Psychic TV. Rather than choose our ritualistic, cultlike, mysterious ‘cis’ group, Adam the Red Wolf was agape at the pretty boy charm of scene queen Keith Curts and offered the Psychic TV spot in return for one of his legendary therapeutic massages.

this is the gentleman that was entrusted to pick the openers for PTV3

this is the poser that was entrusted to pick the openers for PTV3

We sent a rather scathing follow-up email to Adam BlowPony Childfucker and expressed our distaste for him and his choice of opening bands, specifically singling out Echo Beds. Did we knowingly burn a bridge? Yes. Was it petulant and immature? Of course. But does that excuse the promoter from sharing our sacred intellectual property, our copyrighted email content, with Eco Breads Keith for the sole purpose of stirring up drama between us when there needn’t be any? Does it excuse them from taking that private email exchange that was never intended for their eyes and making it public to their 2,000+ Facebook fans in a blatant attempt to shame and slander us, ruin our reputation, and prevent us from ever playing shows under the name TJ Toddler?

some examples of the high praise we received from echo beds and their fans following our digital art installation

some examples of the high praise we received from echo beds and their fans following our digital art installation

Going forward TJ are big fucking pricks and that is the prerogative. For the time being, we have embraced Echo Beds as one with ourselves in hope that their reputation precedes us/them. This is one of the most profound works of art I have been involved in and is not some kind of joke or revenge. This roleplay is motivated by sheer respect, admiration and jealousy of our brothers in beds. Can’t stop won’t stop.


the most hated band in Colorado


Psychic TV and Echo Beds perform at Summit Music Hall on December 11th. See you on the road.psychic tv denver

Reach Out and Touch Face Or One in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush

How yall doin. In commemoration of the Daddyissues wide-release, nearly every EP, LP and single are now gathered on one server. So many file types to choose from. Never-before-seen digital booklets, additional artwork and videos. Low-bitrate streaming. A deeper sense of shame than ever before. Price tags. All on our fancy new BandCamp site.


Throbbing what? Bookface who?

~yors truely x0

New Studio Release… DADDYISSUES E.P.


Salutations brothers and sisters! As you may have noticed, our five latest hits recorded in second half of 2014 (parallel to & following, but separate from T.Y.M.S.) were issued as a ltd. edition 3″ mini CD in cooperation in honour of #RecordStoreDay HUSQVARNA SALZBURG OPEN DAY 2015.

Wir starten in die neue Offorad Saison am 18. April! Neben den neuen Enduro und Motorcross Modellen, präsentieren wir euch die neue Husky Power & Style Kollektion 2015. Weiters warten großzügige Fahrzeugangebot auf euch.

A small number of copies were produced and available only for one day at Husqvarna dealership (Moosstraße 52a, Salzburg 5020 Austria) on Saturday April 18th. Any remaining stock has been returned to the band’s possession to be distributed at future performance events. A digital release for the general public has been delayed until further notice is now live at our recently renovated BandCamp website. Go ahead, take it all.

New Split Single w/ BURDIZZO Out This Summer

edwardian In perfect timing for the start of the hot summer months, TJ TODDLER will be releasing a very special split 7″ release together with JPBM lords BURDIZZO on July 6th. There is one track from each artist, featuring the poppy Tj Toðdler non-album single “Hard R” on the B-side, while newcomers Burdizzo are featured on the A-side with their visceral debut recording “Clench”. Cover photograph by Josie P. (Burdizzo), layout by Lthrfc (TJ). From the harsh winter of 2014 comes the hottest BNM of Q3 ’15. New label JUNGHUND will be releasing this 7″ in home country of Burdizzo, Japan only- good luck finding a U.S. distributor.

Tj Begin Plotting, Reveal Title of Upcoming 2017 Sophomore Album

[Lead singer and diva] the Rockford the Raymond the Young Blue Eyes has announced the end of the Cañon City exile in order to throw himself wholeheartedly into the new LP “Wagner 1: For I Loved the Moon“. Additional info to come following the “Daddyissues EP, which is scheduled for release in spring 2015.
-Daily Press


When a tree falls in a Swiss forest…

At last! Tj Toðdler’s debut studio LP The Young Men Smile is officially out today, though before you ask where it can be found, the title has already been deleted from Husqvarna’s catalog due to a perceived lack of interest. The title was available for purchase on major music retailer iTunes for a brief period earlier today but has since been removed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For now, the standard 8 track release can still be streamed via Soundcloud below.