New Studio Release Forthcoming

This spring, TJ TODDLER will release their début full-length studio recordings. Information is scarce at the time of this posting, however, the track sequence and LP jacket artwork are available to preview below. Thank you for your continued interest in TJ TODDLER v1 and their long-awaited new album, The Young Men Smile. Indeed they do.

front sleeve:Imageback sleeve:Image

The Taste of Thônex


We the pop music act feel as though must apologize for our absence from the public eye as of late. After the resounding critical success that was our latest live release, a leave was taken to retreat to the homeland of Geneva, Switzerland for the annual Christmasgiving celebration. During our homecoming, we were reminded of our fine, European cuisine and some were inspired to stay behind. Work is delayed on our début full length studio album as a result. Meanwhile, Rest & Relaxation is scheduled to release an album of Christmas standards, his first as a solo artist, on which a formal press release is forthcoming. 



- tj


New Live Release… The Sound of Zürich.

Hey, you with those big sexy ears, we’ve got something for you…

Tj Toðdler is filled with great pride to present to you their sophomore LP, once again recorded live-in-concert. This important documentation of TJ v.1 is the group’s finest performance yet, and again finds them in their alternate base of Denver, USA, this time as a support group for the Great American Pop Star LAURA LEIGHE’s “Run For You” Tour. Though this time, the Swiss boyz truly come through on their vow of being “Denver’s Premiere Pop Music Act”

Cleverly named THE SOUND OF ZÜRICH, the album wastes no time pulling in parallels to the similarly named musical, where a group of Austrian songbirds try to evade Die Führer by escaping through the mountains into the apolitical landscape of Switzerland. For them, the sweet sounds of Swiss Pop Music are their only salvation, and soon they are to discover that these sweet melodic gifts are to come at a price.

Though this version group is still hard at work on their proper studio LP debut, this is likely to be the last live release of the group in their current configuration. The set, captured in Monophonic Dolby Digital 1.0 was again engineered by the group itself whilst performing. All mixing duties were handled on the fly/pre-capture by His Musical Majesty, Aaron Saye. This makes for an unbelievably realistic-sounding Monophonic listening experience. It is our belief that stereo recordings are the work of the Devil.

THE SOUND OF ZÜRICH features some of the group’s most well known hits, as well as new fan favorites, for a total of five delicious pop morsels, as well as a highlight reel of our soundcheck to set the mood. This time around, main attraction R&R was in no small company, as this is the first release to feature contributions from all four current members of TJ v.1.  Coordinating the travel and schedules of these four personalities was no small feat, but creatively they are of the same hive mind.

Furthermore, LAURA LEIGHE was kind enough to join the group on stage for their closing number, a show-stopping rendition of La Madonne’s 1985 masterwork, “Like a Virgin”. Listen closely and her beautiful voice can be heard through the sheet-rock layers of sound. To receive her collaborative participation was a watershed moment for TJ TODDLER on the road to Pop Stardom, an absolute honor, a story that will be told for decades by those who were lucky enough to witness this Coming Together.

Better than the best we could have hoped or expected, this one is already a modern classic. An enduring piece of work. A Four Dog Night.

THE SOUND OF ZÜRICH will become available in lossless FLAC and lossy V0 MP3 formats in early December ahead of schedule, for we are so anxious to share this recording with you. The discography page will be updated with a download link in due time. Remember to keep checking back at this post for further details. The original mono capture was lovingly remastered by Leatherface J-R to meet Redbook certifications and provide a quality listening experience. All stereo copies you may encounter are deceitful lies. An upcoming physical release will feature expanded artwork and liner notes, detailing R&R’s rapid ascent to the world of DIY softcore adult modeling in the form of an 8 page color storybook.


Front Cover Artwork (Click for Hi-Res):


Back Cover Artwork (Click for Hi-Res):


Layout by Leatherface J-R, design inspired by the iconic photography of Julie Andrews used for “The Sound Of Music: 40th Anniversary Edition”.

All sounds produced hereinof this sound recording (c) & (p) 2012-2013 TJ TODDLER except “Virgin” (c) & (p) 1985-2013 Sire Record Company. Laura Leighe appears courtesy of Laura Leighe Music, LLC.


For best results, play at maximum allowable volume and seat yourself approximately four feet back from your loudspeaker. You should feel a slight discomfort in your ears, but still be able to distinguish sounds, instruments and vocals from one another.

The Hype

TJ TODDLER courted controversy this past week by smoking marijuana onstage during their show in Denver last night (November 15). The pop music act, who supported Laura Leighe for her enormous ‘Run For You’ ball, lit up during their gig at the Seventh Circle Music Collective and praised “wondrous marijuana” after getting the joint from a crowd member at the show. 

When questioned on the incident, group front man R&R had this to say: “I want you to know it has totally changed my life and I’ve really cut it down with Salvia and other mysterious plants. It has been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music, and I have been drinking more often as well.”

Rockford also explained he was going to negotiate talks with Vice President Joe “the white one” Biden in a bid to make marijuana legal worldwide and added that he believed that the drug’s leaf symbol is the “new swastika”. He added: “I cannot wait for this cash crop to completely overrun the world economy and trickle down to the lowest crevasse. I will not stop smoking it until every child on earth is twiddling hemp into balls of twine for slave wages”. 

Traditionally the group had been known for their stone-cold sober demeanor but it appears that they have recently discovered illicit substances. It is not yet clear what effect this will have on their future work.

TJ TODDLER recently completed their tour of Colorado with a pair of dates at 7CMC October 18th and November 15th, and a third show that was scheduled to take place November 5th at Red Rocks. 

The singer will return to the Colorado for an appearance in Canyon City before the year’s end.

-Associated Press

Ain’t No Love, Like Family Love…



Despite a lacklustre experience with staff and audience at their last gig there, the group will be honoring their commitment to bring their Swiss Pop Stardom to the 7C stage. Our goal is to crush the “Do It Yourself” mores that the establishment was founded upon, with support from our friends LAURA LEIGHE and DJ SOLI. A reinvention of sorts. Tonight will be a night unlike any other, and if you want to see the original incarnation TJ TODDLER live and be able tell your grandchildren all about it as you sexually molest them, then this could be your last chance. This is to be the seminal Toddler show. We will be playing the classics. Come at this show. 7C is also the first Bar in Denver to allow recreational Marihuana consumption inside the property, so be sure to bring that shiny new vapouriser and smoke that stuff! Also, Family Records A&R staff will be at the show tonight, so make sure you bring your soundcloud pages for them to hear. Don’t forget them at home, you big opportunist!

WESTWORD MAGAZINE featured the show as one of their “Best DIY shows in November”, though like was stated earlier, there is nothing about this show that we did ourselves. The author, whom we have no knowledge of but feel immense love for, had this to say:

It’s a rarity to see unabashed pop music at a DIY venue, but Laura Leighe, while grounded in the sort of larger-than-life, glittery pop songwriting of artists like Katy Perry, Adele and Amy Winehouse, has largely been touring that circuit, as well as venues like the Viper Room and the Whiskey A-Go-Go. What sets Leighe and her collaborator Zach Dumbleton apart, though, is that it’s not just junior league pop aspiring to stardom — the songs are already there, and Leighe is wisely courting a crowd and playing in venues that are essentially outside the reach of established Top 40 pop artists — and potentially truly weirding out the regulars.

As previously stated, TJ TODDLER will allow their work visas to expire this December, and many of the current participants (Scott Schell Interface, Embryonico) anticipate an exodus to their homeland, Republik of Switzerland. This does not sadden us. We have accomplished much with our comrades and they will always be with us as Holy Spirit. All members of the TJ TODDLER collective are easily replaceable and we WILL NOT STOP until we are the biggest pop stars of them all. Sacrifices must be made to reach the top, and you will have the chance to witness many of those sacrifices tonight.


2935 W 7th Ave

Denver, Colorado, USA



$10 or FREE.

Pop Music don’t need no paltry donation.

Thanks be to Our Master Butch

- The Management.